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Following the close of nominations for Community Councillors on Tuesday, 29 October, the members of the Berriedale and Dunbeath Community Council 2019 – 2023 have been confirmed.

The first meeting of the newly formed Council took place on Monday 18th November, and the office bearers for 2019/2020 were elected during this meeting.

  • Francis Allan
  • Neil Buchanan, Chairperson
  • Fiona Donn, Treasurer
  • John Gunn, Secretary
  • Jenna Irvine
  • Bryan Macleod
  • Donna Mathieson

Berriedale and Dunbeath Community Council attracted more than half the maximum membership of the Council (maximum 8), which allowed the Council to reform. As the number of candidates nominated was less than the number of members permitted on the Council, no poll took place, and all candidates were declared to be elected members.  

Across the Highlands, the Community Council elections resulted in the following:

  • 16 Community Councils receiving more nominations than their maximum membership allows, which meant that a postal ballot would take place.
  • 124 Community Councils attracting more than half the maximum membership, allowing them to form.
  • 16 Community Councils did not establish as they failed to attract half the maximum membership.  

For more detailed information on the outcome of the Community Council elections across the Highlands, check the Highland Council website.