| New Footpath to improve Broch Access

A new footpath has been built between the Dunbeath broch and Dunbrae. As well as offering stunning views, the path improves access to and from the broch site and enhances the Dunbeath Strath walk. 

 The entrance to the footpath is well marked by a gate behind the broch site. The path winds its way up a gentle slope, and you are rewarded on reaching the higher ground with fabulous views of the wide open landscape overlooking Dunbeath Strath, the village of Dunbeath, and all the way to the sea.

The new 240 metres of path between Dunbeath broch and Dunbrae forms part of the longer Dunbeath Strath unofficial heritage walk, which starts at the Old Telford Bridge at the heart of the village, and can take you as far as Achnaclyth. There is a proposal currently being explored by the Community Council to introduce new interpretation panels along the length of the walk and these would include the route of the new footpath.

Berriedale & Dunbeath Community Council  organised the materials for the new Dunbeath broch to Dunbrae footpath thanks to a grant from the Caithness and North Sutherland Fund, and have applied to the Highland Council to have it recognised as part of the 2.6 kilometer Dunbeath Strath Core Path.

Huge thanks to Benny and Winifred Sutherland who did all the hard work laying this fantastic path.