| Community Micro grants Scheme

Unfortunately the Micro Grant scheme has now closed and no new applications will be accepted.

Applications for a micro grant up to a maximum of £500 can be made to the scheme administered by the Community Council. 

An application can be submitted at any time. However, to be considered at the next Community Council meeting on the first Monday of the following month, it should be submitted to the Secretary or Chairperson of the Community Council on or before the 20th of the month. 

During the Council meeting, members of the Community Council will review and discuss the grant applications that have been received. The decision about grant applications is reflected in the meeting minutes and communicated directly to applicants immediately following the meeting.

Criteria for Micro grants

  • Grants must benefit at least 4 people in the Berriedale & Dunbeath Community Council Area
  • Grants can be for any amount, up to a maximum of £500
  • Applications can be made by individuals, and constituted and non-constituted groups
  • Applications from groups should demonstrate a level of sustainability and have a long lasting legacy within the community
  • Applications from individuals will have a higher priority if they are for skills attainment, educational purposes, Duke of Edinburgh awards etc. 
  • Applications are to be completed on the application form provided.
  • Copies of any invoices or receipts for purchases made as part of the micro grant should be sent to the Community Council.
  • Applications for a project can only be made to a single Community Council. If the funding required is in excess of £500, then an application can be made to the full Caithness Beatrice Community Fund. 
  • The annual round of microgrant funding begins in June each year. Individuals and groups who receive a micro grant are welcome to submit subsequent applications during each annual round although demand from others at that time will be taken into consideration. 

List of awarded grants 2018/2019

May 2019: Purchase of competitors medals for the 5k and 1ok charitable run organised by the Portland Hall committee, Berriedale. 

March 2019: To install a new sign above the door of Dunbeath Heritage Centre 

March 2019: Purchase of a new cleaner (hoover) for the Dunbeath & District Centre

March 2019: Transport costs for Dunbeath Primary school for pupils to attend various events as part of 2019 Caithness Science 03 festival

January 2019: Screening and painting the container for the community Christmas lights

September 2018: Flower bulbs for the community planting and pots

August 2018: Paint and materials to refurbish the climbing frame and some of the items of play equipment on the playing fields Portormin Road, Dunbeath.

Micro grants will not be awarded:

  • For commercial projects or a project that will receive income from sales 
  • For religious or political purposes
  • To replace statutory funding
  • For purposes adverse to SSE interests
  • To support individuals for their personal gain (unless for skills development)
  • For activities that do not comply with current legislation or good practice guidelines 

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