Community Council Finances

Community Councils receive an annual administrative grant from the Highland Council to cover expenses relating to meetings, administration and travel. The Council has a bank account in its name and three authorised signatories (usually the office bearers) are required for all financial transactions. All expenditure is approved by the Community Council, the details recorded and proof of expenditure retained. 

A written financial report is submitted to each meeting of the Community Council and is reflected in the meeting minutes. The final year accounts for the Community Council are independently checked and certified prior to being submitted for approval at the Community Council AGM. Following the AGM the accounts are submitted to Highland Council and the grant is then paid.

In addition to the grant provided by Highland Council, the Community Council can apply for funding from the Council’s grant process or other organisations in order to undertake projects within the local area. The Council can also fundraise locally to raise funds for projects. Any funding raised must be used for the purpose for which it was intended. This is then detailed in the Community Council accounts.

Recent annual accounts can be downloaded here.