Useful Information

Scheme of Establishment

Community Councils are governed by the scheme of establishment. This document sets out how Community Councils should operate including elections, membership rules and meeting arrangements. The scheme of establishment includes the following documents:

  • Standard Community Council Constitution
  • Standard Community Council Standing Orders
  • Code of Conduct for Community Councillors
  • Standard Financial Report
  • Standard Election Documentation

Highland Council Online Training Course

The Highland Council has developed an online training package to support Community Councils in their day to day role

Highland Council Frequently Asked Questions

The Highland Council has also developed a Frequently Asked Questions document about Community Councils and how they operate

Scottish Government Community Council Website

The Scottish Government have created a website to support and promote Scottish community councils. The website contains advice, resources, and success stories of the impact that community councils can have on their community. The site has up to date information on news, events, guidance, and grants that are related to community councils as well as advice on how to be a community councillor.